Reflections & Reparations

Author, Rachel K. Baldwin & her father

Today, somehow, it’s been 5-years since my father passed from this life into the next.

Five years since the most complicated, tumultuous, loving relationship of my life ended.

Five years.

Losing a parent is HARD. Losing a parent who was both your lifelong cheerleader AND long-standing nemesis? Well, that’s a whole other ball of wax.

My story – our story – includes complex, profound childhood trauma, heartbreak galore, & eventually: healing.

Beautiful f’n HEALING.

Although I get to be (choose to be) the one in our family who stands on a public platform touting the possibly of, & need to, break cycles of generational trauma, my father was the one who started this massive, pivotal shift.

Long ago, sitting across each other in a seafood restaurant, he apologized. Apologized – & more importantly – took accountability for & CHANGED his behavior.

Don’t get me wrong: It wasn’t a quick or immediate fix, but it planted the seed of healing. A seed I choose to cultivate & grow – & hopefully – pass down to subsequent generations.

One book, post, step at a time. Healing our broken line. Carrying on his legacy.

I love you, Daddy. Thank you for teaching me vulnerability. Thank you for doing the work to heal our relationship, & in so doing, showing me how to pass that healing on to others 🖤🖤

Read my story here:

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